Good morning, this is Ian.

Today I’m a little happy. Things seems to get good this week and then I hope so.

I finally started my body working, so I really hope to be really hot next summer (here on Brazil it is november). Let’s rock some beaches dsjkaksd

I pretend to get my driver’s license till the end of august too, so I am a little excited kjhgjhjk

Oh yeah, I was almost forgetting that… On the September 6th and 7th (Brazil Independence day) I will be on Londrina (a town on the north of my state) on a matsuri. There I will be with my new group, Babel, and we will dance and sing live VIXX’s On and On, so I’m really nervous sadljkaskdalsd

That’s all, thank you for reading these shits dkfjhkajsd

Ian fighting! Seeya~ :>

Hi guys.
Today I’m really destroyed, so I felt need to post this.
So I went to Anime Friends 2014 last weekend, it was awesome, I met a lot of people and all that cool weekend thing.
But right now I was on driving practice and did really bad because I wasn’t on it. So I realized I shouldn’t comeback home with unfinished things, like a crush on someone who was crush on me. We did nothing and it is killing me sakldjkaslkdçlasdl
So I’m a little upset with myself because I can not take control, because I did nothing, and this is what I’m trying to not do.
Then, this is me going to shower, invite him to my house in september and start my mind from the 0 today, cuz I have a lot of things to work today.

Seeya :>

P.S.: have to work on my body, omg!