Hi guys.
Today I’m really destroyed, so I felt need to post this.
So I went to Anime Friends 2014 last weekend, it was awesome, I met a lot of people and all that cool weekend thing.
But right now I was on driving practice and did really bad because I wasn’t on it. So I realized I shouldn’t comeback home with unfinished things, like a crush on someone who was crush on me. We did nothing and it is killing me sakldjkaslkdçlasdl
So I’m a little upset with myself because I can not take control, because I did nothing, and this is what I’m trying to not do.
Then, this is me going to shower, invite him to my house in september and start my mind from the 0 today, cuz I have a lot of things to work today.

Seeya :>

P.S.: have to work on my body, omg!

Hi guys!
So I spent sometime away from here again, and now I came here to tell some of my conquers since this.
I started on a new job, with a big friend’s help, and on my very first day I already got boss’ compliments. So there’s been 7 days since I started there and I already am very well placed on the company, and completely happy with that. So yeah, I dyed my hair on black and I love it? I was pretty fucking afraid of it sadukjalsd
This weekend me and my group, Beat Eaters, are going to São Paulo to compete on Kpop Cover Challenge, so I’m a little afraid, but I expect good results, this time. I’m planning to work on some choreography to upload on yt. Want to show more my talents…
I am finishing my process to get my driver’s license already, so I will get some time and start to work better on my body too… I’m delaying this for decades lskjdkjasldjalfkasg
About my romantic life, I’m completely single and getting all the handsome guys I can ÇLADAKSLDAÇSFJ These days I thank even to date some girls, but… sakdjalksd Actually I’m falling in love with a friend who’s pretty fucking hot, handsome, and very sweet. He’s so fucking uke, I can’t help falling in love with him!! aosildjlkaçd Sadly, he’s ~straight~, and got a girlfriend (honestly, I’m not being jealous, but they’re a veeeery strange couple who really don’t match). Anyway, I’m falling, but didn’t reached the bottom yet (in any of the ways sdkljadf).
These days one guy who’s from my big boss family, flirted with me. This was funny and didn’t reached to anything. But I was interested aosiludkhjaksd
Ok, so that’s all, I have a lot of thinks to do right now, so seeya!